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Dr Morton's – the medical helpline is a telephone and web-based business providing medical advice to customers.
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Cookie Policy

Generally, we avoid their use

Cookies allow websites to store information about you on your own computer after which this information can be used to improve your experience, for example by remembering your preferences, the date of your last visit, your name or interests. In the right place, cookies can be useful, however the information contained in them is not secure and they can therefore pose a security risk.

The medical consultation service provided by Dr Morton's does not make use of cookies. Instead we use the latest generation cloud based technology to store information about registered users in a highly secure database. We use a server based session on our public web-server to store a unique ID to identify you after you have logged into the system. However the database itself is held on a different server which can only be accessed indirectly and securely using this number. The session contains no personal information at all - not even your name, and even this ID will disappear from our public server after you leave our site. Thus no personal information is stored on our public web-server at all, and no cookie stores information about you on your own machine either.

You will find a Cookie Policy on most other web sites because other web sites tend to use them. However we believe that they are inappropriate for medical consultation web sites. If you visit other web sites, we encourage you to check their cookie policy. More information on the rules for cookies may be found at www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/privacy_and_electronic_communications/the_guide/cookies. We think our approach is much better.

Our right reserved to use third party cookies and analytical tracking using Google Analytics

Our policy is to avoid the use of third party cookies wherever possible. However, since so many other systems and web sites do use them, we have to reserve the right to use cookies that are set by a partner company to enable us to track user browsing habits, help us improve how our site runs and personalise your experience as user. Third party cookies may be used to help us place appropriate advertising or to formulate permitted email activity as well as providing analytical reporting on our website. Other than Google Analytics, we have no plans to use such third party cookies at present. If we do decide to use such cookies in the future we will explain where you can find them.

Google Analytics may be used by us to understand what pages and services our customers like and use so that we may improve our website and your experience in using it. We look at such data on an anonymous basis. Google Analytics cookies vary in terms of how long they remain on your computer. You can find Google Analytics cookies as "__utmx", although x may sometimes be a different letter.

To disable cookies or analytical tracking

Cookies may be disabled if you wish but if you do so, this may affect the performance of other web sites, although it will not affect the operation of Dr Morton's. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you don't want anyone to be able to place cookies on your computer at all, you can set your browser to disable or reject them. You can do this by adjusting the preferences within your browser. See www.allaboutcookies.org for instructions.

You may disable analytical tracking separately if you wish by disabling Google Analytics. The manner in which you do so depends upon your web browser. If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can set our Website to only use session based cookies, preventing our Google Analytics cookie from tracking you any further. If you use Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or a smart phone, it may be more difficult to block just an analytics cookie, so you may have to delete cookies manually.