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Dr Morton's – the medical helpline is a telephone and web-based business providing medical advice to customers.
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Our Story

Our story began in 2013 when Dr Karen Morton, a Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Royal Surrey Hospital, decided that enough was enough.

Dr Morton has spent her professional life serving women – looking after them in pregnancy, delivering their babies, and fixing their gynaecological problems, but even she was growing tired of seeing her patients and friends disempowered by aspects of the health system, such as:

Our mission is medical empowerment

We believe that your healthcare should be in your hands and we want our doctors to be able to use the latest health technology to provide the best care.

That’s why we do what we do:

A phone consultation? But what about the physical examination bit?

Research shows 70% of the problems people come to the GP with can be safely dealt with over the phone.

That’s right, 70%.

Our GPs and gynaecologists are highly experienced – they’ll know if your problem needs to be examined or if you should go to A+E. If they think your problem can’t be dealt with over the phone, they will tell you so.

If your problem is something you can take a photo of, you can send the image to our doctors via our secure email service.

Only the highest quality of care

All of our GPs have completed UK general practitioner training and have at least 5 years of medical experience since qualification, and are fully registered with the General Medical Council, so you never have to worry about the calibre of your doctor.

Our gynaecologists are experts in their field. Each one has been hand-picked by Karen herself for their clinical excellence, and many of them work directly with her.

All our doctors are also lovely people who care and genuinely want to help people. For us, kindness is a big part of medical care.

“I believe that a person’s ability to stay healthy shouldn’t be limited just because he or she is not a doctor. I have always felt so privileged that I had an excellent medical education, and that I know what to do immediately when I or my family face sickness. I simply want other people to have the same experience. People are often made to feel helpless and dependent when they are ill, but I just want to give them back control of their lives. You only have one life; go and live it.”

- Dr Karen Morton