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Dr Morton's – the medical helpline is a telephone and web-based business providing medical advice to customers.
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Dr Morton's Prescription© for

prescription for thrush

£15 + pharmacy charge £10.00

prescription for chlamydia

£15 + pharmacy charge £10.00

prescription for cold sores and herpes

Cold sores and herpes
£15 + pharmacy charge £10.00

prescription for diarrhoea

£10 + pharmacy charge £10.00

prescription for waxy ears

Blocked Ears
£5 + pharmacy charge £10.00

prescription for sinusitis


prescription for cystitis

Cystitis or UTI

prescription for vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness

prescription for travellers diarrhoea

Travellers' diarrhoea

prescription for constipation


prescription for piles


giardia prescription

persistent diarrhoea (Giardia) £35

hay fever prescription

Hay fever

bacterival vaginosis prescription

Bacterial vaginosis

thrush prescription

Recurrent thrush

south east asia diarrhoea prescription

Diarrhoea in SE Asia

hay fever prescription

Hay fever and itchy eyes

Dr Morton's Travel Pack©

dr morton's gynae travel pack

Gynae Travel Pack©
£110 + optional extras

dr morton's gynae travel pack for seniors

Gynae Travel Pack© for seniors £165 + optional extras

dr morton's guys travel pack

Guys Travel Pack©
£95 + optional extras

Guys Travel Pack© for seniors £145 + optional extras

Dr Morton's Sports Injury Pack© and Dr Morton's Hikers Pack©

dr morton's sports injury pack

Sports Injury Pack©

dr morton's hikers pack

Hikers Pack©

Dr Morton's – the medical helpline© services

phone a gynaecologist

Phone a Gynaecologist

phone a GP

Phone a GP

send a doctor a photo

Send a photo.

email a doctor

Email a Doctor